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Restaurants / Danubian Restaurant

Hall for festivities is made to the latest standards

Danubian restaurant is another location the company made available to hotel guests Inter and beyond. Restaurant can benefit from organized groups with different thematic presentations accompanied by official dinners or dinners for family events. Celebration Hall is very spacious with a capacity of 200 people. The room is made to the latest standards, equipped with air conditioning performance that creates an environment conducive environmental carrying large events. Also has uniformly distributed sound system inside the hall, and the installation of perimeter lighting color-ordered reproducing color chosen by parallel beams falling on the inner curtain. Such room can be arranged at a high standard of presentation rivaling traditional restaurants in big cities.


The restaurant is located on the road that is output to port Zimnicea - Shvistov and Customs-crossing point for ferry to Bulgaria. The restaurant is located near two lakes, the Danube that the entire landscape area by specific vegetation richness of the Danube.