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Zimnicea means nature, tradition ... Few may know that there have been preserved intact torn landscapes of the old wild nature surrounding the area, the Danube is barrier invaders of old, these realms with historical connotations from ancient times, with historical and archaeological material traces attest to a length of 24 for centuries.

Discoteca Hope Discoteca Hope

Today, the Danube is cross-border cooperation, cultural exchanges, economic and social. On the Danube, our company has opened a disco called Disco Summer Hope, which by its very name it, create hope, the university, and switching is done daily Bulgarian bank steps with a cruise ship.

Disco Hope is every summer, the main attraction of the area, set right on the Danube, in a small bay, which was held a real beach that has all the necessary conditions to feel the full day of vacation. .. nature around you, view the Bulgarian bank is laid in steps, full of hills and hills full of civilization ...

Discoteca Hope Discoteca Hope

The Danube has its unique charm, with its ships seldom browsing quiet and the whole landscape, and the disco music that sounds youthful at any time of day to create your perfect environment, gives this place ... an energy charge superposition, entertain you and you recharge the batteries of tomorrow ...

Disco has a capacity of 1,000 seats .... You can choose a sunrise or a sunset on the Danube shore, beach, sun, or cool and refreshing evening in music youthful turmoil that cut his way in the night, calm waves reverberand on the Danube.

Discoteca Hope Discoteca Hope

Welcome to Disco from the Danube, the largest and most beautiful location of its kind in the country and not only ...